TeleChoice 5G Prepaid SIM $55 Starter Pack

TeleChoice 5G Prepaid SIM $55 Starter Pack

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TeleChoice Prepaid SIM - Telstra Network

Network coverage to 98.8% of the Australian population

TeleChoice 28-day Pre-Paid Plan

  • Your 28-day Pre-Paid Plan (?lan?? includes Data Bank. No minimum contract term applies. No early termination charges apply on this Plan. Your Plan will require recharge on expiry unless you have otherwise set up auto-recharge.
    • Cost of recharge: $55
    • Standard national calls, SMS & MMS: Unlimited
    • Standard International Calls: Unlimited to 20 Selected Countries & Limited to 20 Selected Countries * 120 mins
    • Data allowance in Australia: 120GB
    • Credit Expiry Period: 28 days
    • Data Bank Limit: 500GB
    • Cost per MB: $0.0009

*Selected Countries for International Calls Unlimited???Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Thailand, UK, USA, Vietnam.

**Selected Countries For International Calls Limited???Cambodia, Chile, Cyprus, Czechia, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey.