Philips Rechargeable Flashlight
Philips Rechargeable Flashlight
Philips Rechargeable Flashlight

Philips Rechargeable Flashlight

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High Brightness & Long Range: Featuring a high-performance LED, this flashlight emits a brilliant light with a maximum brightness of 1200 lumens, reaching an impressive maximum illumination range of 400 meters. It can brightly illuminate a wide area even in complete darkness, making it a versatile tool for activities such as hunting, survival, disaster preparedness, work, travel, and search missions.

Lighting Modes: Equipped with five lighting modes: low, high, infinitely adjustable dimming, strobe, and SOS. The low mode offers a continuous runtime of up to approximately 16 hours, ensuring extended use during emergency situations without worrying about running out of power. To switch between modes, simply click through them sequentially. Long-press activates the infinitely adjustable dimming mode, and when it reaches the minimum and maximum brightness levels, the white light flashes twice, allowing you to adjust the desired brightness. Double-clicking switches to flash and SOS modes.

Hidden Type-C Charging Port: Powered by a built-in 21700 lithium-ion battery, this flashlight features a concealed Type-C charging port, prioritizing convenience. The charging port supports 5V2A input, allowing you to recharge the flashlight using devices such as laptops, wall chargers, and power banks. A full charge takes approximately 3.5 hours. Note: The high mode may generate significant heat during extended use due to its high power consumption. To preserve product lifespan and ensure safety, it’s recommended to use the high mode for approximately 15 minutes before pausing.

Battery Status Indicator: The power button includes a battery status indicator function. When the battery level is above 50%, the indicator shines green; between 10% and 50%, it shines orange, and when the battery falls below 10%, it emits a red light, providing real-time battery status updates.

Compact & Industrial-Level Design: Despite its compact size, measuring only 16.4cm in length, this flashlight is crafted from aluminium material, offering exceptional impact resistance, capable of withstanding falls from heights of up to 1 meter. It is designed for use in environments where it may come into contact with water, boasting an IPX5 equivalent waterproof specification. The flashlight’s head is also designed as a safety hammer, allowing you to break glass and escape in dangerous situations. Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking.