Apple iPhone High Quality Battery Replacement
Apple iPhone High Quality Battery Replacement

Apple iPhone High Quality Battery Replacement

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Is your iPhone Battery swelling, turning off or draining fast?

This is what you need to replace your old iPhone battery!

It's ideal to replace your iPhone Battery when Battery Health falls below 90% capacity.

To check your Battery Health, Setting > Battery > Battery Health

How to Best Install:
Lithium-ion batteries for iPhone should be handled with care, it is recommended to use the original spec battery adhesive and install your new battery to a clean frame. Make sure there are no loose screws or glass in the area where your iPhone battery will be installed. The battery should be correctly laid in place allowing for suitable space around the battery. The iPhone battery connector terminal should correctly and easily line up to the iPhone logic board. 

iPhone Battery installation should be performed by professional technician. If any damage on the parts with inexperienced installation casue faulty / damage on the parts wont be cover by the warranty or replacement.

Caulation: If you replace the battery of iPhone XS or above, whether it is a genuine or a third-party aftermarket replacement battery, you will see the "Important Battery Message" on the iPhone and will still display the "Service" message, but it will not affect functionality of the new battery.

Please be aware of this before purchase